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Free Diamonds on Bigo Live: Everything You Need to Know

Bigo Live Free Diamonds
Bigo Live Free Diamonds

Bigo Live is a popular live streaming platform where users can broadcast themselves, interact with others, and earn rewards such as diamonds. Here’s everything you need to know about acquiring free diamonds on Bigo Live:

Understanding Diamonds on Bigo Live

Diamonds on Bigo Live are a form of virtual currency that users can use to purchase virtual gifts, boost their streams, and enhance their profiles. Diamonds can be acquired through various means, including direct purchase, gifts from other users, and rewards for participating in certain activities.

Ways to Get Free Diamonds

  1. Daily Login Rewards
  • Bigo Live often rewards users with diamonds for logging in daily. Ensure you log in every day to maximize these rewards.
  1. Participation in Events
  • Bigo Live regularly hosts events and contests where users can earn diamonds by participating and performing well. Keep an eye on the app’s event calendar and participate actively.
  1. Live Streaming and Gifts
  • When you live stream, your audience can send you virtual gifts. Some of these gifts can be converted into diamonds. Engaging content and interacting with your audience can help you receive more gifts.
  1. Referral Programs
  • Bigo Live has referral programs where you can earn diamonds by inviting new users to the platform. When your referrals sign up and start using Bigo Live, you can earn rewards.
  1. Completing Tasks and Missions
  • The app provides various tasks and missions that, when completed, reward you with diamonds. These tasks can range from simple actions like updating your profile to more complex ones like achieving a certain number of viewers.
  1. Contests and Challenges
  • Participate in the various contests and challenges Bigo Live offers. Winning or ranking high in these contests can earn you significant diamond rewards.
  1. Leveling Up
  • As you level up your account by being active and engaging on the platform, you may receive diamonds as part of the leveling rewards.

Tips for Earning More Diamonds

  • Be Consistent: Regular streaming and interaction with your followers can lead to more gifts, and therefore more diamonds.
  • Engage with Your Audience: Build a strong connection with your viewers to encourage them to send you gifts.
  • Promote Your Streams: Use social media and other platforms to promote your Bigo Live streams to attract more viewers.
  • Participate in All Events: Make sure to join as many events and contests as possible to increase your chances of earning diamonds.
  • Follow Top Streamers: Learn from successful streamers on the platform to understand what works well and apply those strategies to your streams.


While there are legitimate ways to earn free diamonds on Bigo Live, beware of scams and fraudulent websites or apps claiming to offer free diamonds. Always use official channels and be cautious of sharing your personal information.

By following these tips and staying active on Bigo Live, you can increase your chances of earning free diamonds and enhancing your experience on the platform.

Subscription ID Generator Guide

While a subscription ID generator doesn’t guarantee 100% success, it can be a worthwhile option to explore. There are several online platforms available that automatically generate subscription IDs for various accounts.

However, to use these services, you often need to complete specific tasks, such as filling out surveys or downloading certain apps on your device.

One such platform is, which offers a Bigo Live subscription ID generator. This tool can help you obtain a free subscription ID for Free Diamonds.

Follow these steps to generate a subscription ID:

  1. Open your browser and go to the website.
  2. Enter the name or email ID associated with your Bigo Live account and select Free Diamonds from the options.
  3. Complete the assigned tasks, such as filling out surveys or downloading apps. Once these tasks are completed, your Bigo Live account will be automatically upgraded to Free Diamonds.

It’s important to note that ID generators are a gamble and often don’t work as expected. Proceed with caution.

Free Diamonds on Bigo Live: Everything You Need to Know
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